Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ideas for Christmas décor
Don’t forget to add Santa, Christmas tree Reindeer, stars , angels , wreath,candy canes ,snowman and bells in the christmas décor as each one of them has a special significance. Be sure that you have enough light when planning a Christmas party outdoors and it will be advisable to keep near to a shelter in case the winds turn too chilly or snow starts falling.
Check whether your lights and music systems are well protected from the changes in weather and ensure safety of your things and guests too .

  • Keep a check on the noise level so your neighbors can also enjoy their quiet Christmas family gathering.
  • Cut fabric with Christmas prints and make bows out of them and pin them on to your curtain. If you have a Christmas collection, like a collection of santas or Christmas stockings, or Christmas candles etc. display them on the mantel.
  • Take a white table cloth and use red, green and gold fabric paints to trace out Christmas patterns like stars, bells, stocking, trees etc.
  • Hang Christmas decoration on indoor plants.
  • Take a tall drinking glass, tie a red ribbon around it and fill it with candy canes and display it on a small side table in the living room.
  • Place red and white flowers in vases around the house. Take a large glass bowl and fill it with water and float red and white flowers in them. This will add to Christmas decor.
  • Create a charming display of teddy bears dressed for the season. Gather together three or more teddy bears and arrange them on a table or on the floor in a corner. Dress the bears with scarves and mittens.

  • Revisit your childhood. Cut snowflakes from white paper and hang them in all of your windows

    Pile a collection of Christmas books on a side table.
  • Purchase an inexpensive mail box. Spray paint it red or green. Use craft paints to add simple Christmas shapes , or attach store-bought ornaments with a hot glue gun

  • Sew scraps of Christmas print fabric into a patchwork tablecloth. Simply cut your fabric into square pieces and stitch together. Hem the entire cloth. Sew ribbon the edges, if you like. Make smaller cloths to cover end tables, night tables, TV trays, shelving, etc.
  • String popcorn, cranberries, cereal, beads, etc. and hang the garlands everywhere
  • Replace your fish tank background mural with a piece of Christmas wrapping paper or a collage made out of pictures cut from Christmas cards. Remove your favorite pictures from their frames. Wrap the frames with Christmas wrap and replace the pictures
  • Pull out your old toy trains. Run the track around the perimeter of the Christmas tree.
  • Create personalized gingerbread men as place cards for your dining table
  • Put a Christmas screen saver on your computer
  • Make simple Christmas puppets. Cut Santas, angels, snowmen, etc. from old Christmas cards. . Attach one cut-out to each stick using tape. The kids can play with these or, you can display them in a vase or a bowl 

( Fireplace decorated by lights)

Christmas decor adds new dimensions .When Christmas comes, it brings along love, fun and merriment. We start decorating our houses, buying gifts and selecting the perfect Christmas tree. However, most of us tend to ignore the fireplace situated in the corner of the room. Since Christmas comes during harsh winters, the fireplace is really helpful in actually spreading the warmth of this holiday in your home. Christmas fireplace decor is a part of Christmas celebrations and must be given due attention. Given below are a few ideas and tips for decorating the fireplace for Christmas.

•The traditional way of decorating fireplace for Christmas is by hanging stockings from the mantle of the fireplace.
•You can also use soft toys, like teddy bears, as Christmas fireplace decor.

( Stockings adding life to Fireplace on Christmas)

Flower arrangements look great on the mantle of a fireplace. Make sure that the vase is as beautiful as the flowers.

Bottlebrush trees are very often used as ornamentation for the fireplace mantle.

•You can always decorate the fireplace with the help of lights. Just be careful to keep the wires and bulbs at a considerable distance from the fire.

Hang balls of different, but contrasting colors, along with the stockings, from the mantle. Go in for metallic shades that add glitz to your décor.

•Decor the wall behind the fireplace with stars of different colors and sizes.

(Make your own fireplace)

If you are tempted by these fireplace decors but you don't have one than make it . Just like the one above.